E - Conference Universitas Merdeka Malang, Seminar Nasional Teknologi Fakultas Teknik 2021

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Measurement of the Modified Cooper Harper (MCH) Mental Workload Method and Its Benefits
Muchammad Riza Fauzy

Last modified: 2021-01-03


Abstract— Mental workload is a branch of ergonomics that focuses on the psychological load that a person experiences at work. This is important to research because humans will definitely experience psychological fatigue in addition to physical fatigue. One method that can be used in examining a person's mental workload is the modified cooper harper method. The purpose of using this method is to determine the mental workload conditions of workers, especially when using tools or facilities that support their work. And the subject chosen in applying this method is a nurse. It is hoped that after knowing the workload of nurses, researchers can provide recommendations for the future.

Keywords— Ergonomics, Mental Workload, Modified Cooper Harper Method, Nurse


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