E - Conference Universitas Merdeka Malang, International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Studies (ICONHOSTS) 2021

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Tourism Village and Virtual Tour during the Covid 19 Pandemic Period (Case Study of Panji Tourism Village)
Nyoman Dini Andiani, Ni Kadek Rinantiasih, A.A Ngr Yudha Martin, Fitria Earlike Anwar Sani

Last modified: 2022-01-09


The Covid 19 pandemic caused the tourism sector in Bali to decline, this also had an impact on rural tourism. The movement of tourists is limited because of that visitors of tourist destinations decrease. Therefore we need the right marketing and promotional media to attract tourists to visit. This research aims to know and identify various tourism potentials and promotional media that can be applied in Panji Village, Buleleng. The subjects of this research were the head of the panji village and the head of the pokdarwis. Data were collected using observation, documentation and in-depth interviews and presented descriptively qualitatively. The results showed that the tourism potential in Panji village was divided into physical and non-physical potentials. These potentials are very likely to be developed into attractive tour packages. In the midst of this pandemic, several promotional media can be used for marketing tourism potential in Panji village, namely digital promotion through virtual tours by making virtual tour applications or utilizing applications such as zoom, youtube and Instagram.


Promotion Media; covid pandemic 19

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