E - Conference Universitas Merdeka Malang, International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Studies (ICONHOSTS) 2021

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Talent Of Personal Presence To Increase Tourism Business Creativity
Bambang Supriadi, Djuwitawati Ratnaningtyas

Last modified: 2022-01-09


The target for the development of creative industries can be done by strengthening the pillars of the creative industry, including sources human resources, in the form of increasing human resources with good quality creativity throughout Indonesia, improving educational institutions, providing budgets for creative people, increasing entrepreneurs creative. The tourism business has been proven to open up job opportunities, new markets, and the overall stability of the country's economy. Then the background of the problem is formulated as follows: How is the influence of Personal Presence, skills, on creativity. Moreover, the research objectives to be achieved are as follows: To analyze the influence of Talent of  Personal Presence, skills, proactive personality on creativity in the creative industry in Malang Regency. This study will be carried out in 6 (six) sub-districts in the southeast region (32 – 70 km) of Malang Regency and concentrated on sub-districts and villages that have a potential population of migrants or TKI working abroad, as for the population of technical migrants. Sampling was based on the random sampling method; Harry King found a sample of 200 x 21% = 42 with a 95% confidence level with the tool Monogram. The analysis of this research uses the Regression Approach with the SPSS tool. The result of this research shows that Talent of Personal Presence influences creativity in research. The most important factor that influences creativity is self-confidence which is reflected in intellectual. The second factor influencing creativity is a proactive personality which is reflected in having principles. Skills have a lower effect on creativity than talent because research only focuses on the managerial level, not the operational level, while the entrepreneur's skill factor tends to prioritize the skill factor in preparing business plans.

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