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Collaboration Of Pentahelix Model And Jones Policy Implementation Model In Creative Economic Development Of Malang District Study On (Kebobang Village, Lopawon District) Gunung Kawi, Malang Regency
Ike Kusdyah Rachmawati, Syarif Hidayatullah

Last modified: 2022-01-09


The background of this research is that the development of MSMEs is unique, such as surviving in times of crisis, development continues to increase, being able to absorb labor and workers with low education and others. This development is not only the efforts of SMEs to survive, especially creative SMEs, but also requires collaboration from the government, academics, communities, media and business actors themselves which are included in the pentahelix item. In addition to this, to implement it, it takes how the existing organization, interpretation (implementation activities) and applications are needed, the three things are included in the theory of the implementation model of Jones). This study uses a qualitative descriptive method, the research location is in Duson Lopawon Kebobang Malang Regency, the informants used are Poktan (Farmers' Group) and KWT (Farmers' Group) administrators, the data used are primary data (direct interviews) and secondary data using literature. others relevant to this study. Analysis technique by looking at the implementation theory of Jones and Pentahelix how it has been applied so far in SMEs, especially creative SMEs in the study location. The results of the implementation theory of Jones Organization, interpretation (implementation activities) and applications, which are already running for the development of SMEs, especially the existing creative economy, as well as the implementation of the existing Pentahelix, have all been running with their respective roles in the characteristics of the pentahelix. However, to accelerate and accelerate the development of the existing creative economy and it is still necessary to improve the implementation of the Jones and Penathelik theory that is sustainable and not just a temporary or tentative activity, as well as the assistance provided should be adjusted with assistance that can solve problems for creative SMEs such as problems marketing, production, personnel and finance so that the existing roles and assistance and interventions will be more targeted and effective for SMEs, especially existing creative SMEs.


Creative Economy; Application; Jones Theory; Penta Helix Model

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